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Ahmad Alhashemi

Assistant Professor at the Department of Medicine, Kuwait University. Senior Specialist in Internal Medicine, Endocrine, and Diabetes. Medical Educator. Computer Scientist.

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  • MSc in Computer Science
    2022, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • MSc in Community Health
    Health Practitioner Teacher Education
    2018, University of Toronto
  • MB BCh (MD equiv.)
    2007, Kuwait University
  • B Med Sc
    2004, Kuwait University

Medical Training

  • Pituitary Fellowship
    2018, University of Toronto
  • Thyroid Fellowship
    2017, University of Toronto
  • Endocrine and Metabolism
    2016, University of Toronto
  • Internal Medicine
    2014, University of Toronto


  • Quality Improvement and Patient Safety 1 year course & project
    2016, Centre of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, University of Toronto

Programming & CS Skills

In addition, I have some experience/familiarity in C#, ColdFusion, lex/yacc, ASP.NET, Erlang, Standard ML, JavaScript, and Elm.


mmol/L mg/dl

Medical Convert

Convert laboratory results between conventional and SI units on the go. (Objective-C, iOS)

Sliding Scale

Create a correction sliding scale, custom made for your patients needs, in seconds! (Objective-C, Swift, iOS)

Endocrinology & Endocrine Emergency

Gain instant access to the Endocrine Emergencies section of the online textbook, Endotext. (Swift, iOS, Java, Android)


Designed by students for students, at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, to help them to help them study for OSCE exams. (iOS, Swift)




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